85pcs DIY Balloon Garland Kit_Boho Inspired

Length: 6-7' varies on how you'll assemble

Sold Flat or not inflated.



58pcs Kit (6-7 Feet Long)


Terracotta (4pcs 11" & 10pcs 5")

Rosewood (4pcs 11" & 10pcs 5")

Blush Peach(4pcs 11" & 10pcs 5")

Pastel Yellow (4pcs 11" & 10pcs 5")

Balloon Strip

Balloon Dots


Note: All our balloons are sold flat or Not inflated.

Balloon pump are sold separately



1. Inflate the balloon using balloon pump and tie individually. (You may inflate in different sizes as you prefer)

2. Attach the balloons to the strip one by one by inserting the balloon valve to the balloon strip's hole alternating

(spare about 20 inches of strips empty at the start of garland so it will be easier to attach the garland to the wall)

3. Arrange the color of balloons according to your desired pattern.

4. Repeat the process until the garland is created

(You may use painter's tape to attach the finished garland to the the wall.) 

5. Cut the excess strips.

TBS Latex - DIY Balloon Garland Kit_Boho Inspired

  • Name:    TBS Latex -DIY Balloon Garland Kit         
    Code:     TBS12
    Use:        Birthday/Wedding Party Decors, Gifts
    Size:       5"-11"
    Mtrl:        Latex 
    Color:    Boho

    Package Include: