Can I change or modify my order?

Answer : We understand that sometimes you missed to place another item before you finalized the transaction. We would only allow change if we haven't shipped your order(s) yet. Once your order has been shipped, we won't be able to change it.

Can I change the delivery address?

Answer: Yes, the delivery address can be changed as long as it's within Canada.

Can I return my items?

Answer: Unfortunately, we won't be able to accept return until the COVID pandemic is over. Our items are not illegible for returns.

Can I select a delivery date?

Answer: For delivery date options, please contact the Canada Post. Extra fees may be applied.

Do you ship internationally?

Answer: Currently we are only shipping products within Canada.

My item is faulty/damaged.

Answer: Balloons or other products aren't perfect. Sometimes we receive it damaged, please understand that we are retailers and we are not the manufacturer of the products. We will relay your concerns to the manufacturer and help you replace your order, however damages should be validated.

Can I pick up my order?

Answer: Considering we are based in Calgary, we're offering an option to pick up products in the city, although we only allow pick up anytime between 4pm-7pm. Products must be ordered in advance, and we will notify you if your order is ready.

Can I just phone in my order(s)?

Answer: Purchases must be made online.